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Let your next investment property find you!

Overwhelmed with the prospect of deciding on which location is best for your investment property?

Why not engage Australia’s most experienced and trusted property investment advisory company, Destiny, to identify the area and property which fits your individual property investing criteria. Using Destiny Founder Margaret Lomas’ 20 Must Ask Questions, more than 25 years of investing experience assisting thousands of Australians to invest safely and securely, we have built the proprietary and unique PropertyMatch™ system.

The PropertyMatch™ algorithm uses your investing criteria, myriad data points for thousands of suburbs across Australia and machine learning to search Australia wide, and find the property which best matches you.

No time to do the Research?

When you lack the time and skill to effectively research, when family, friends or your work come first, and when sifting through hundreds of areas and then dozens of properties is a daunting prospect, PropertyMatch™ is the perfect solution. Let our expertise and unique tools do it all for you.

The best value for money in the industry

The cost of most end to end solutions adds up to five per cent to your purchase price - and this will set you back from the start. PropertyMatch™ is not only exceptional value for money, but it is more comprehensive and far reaching than most other options.

Only the right property will do

Getting the location and the timing right requires the kind of skill that 25 years in the business gives you. Margaret Lomas's team of Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIA) are all property investors themselves, and PropertyMatch™ is a unique and pioneering state of the art system which has access to Australia-wide data.

Technology takes investing up a level

PropertyMatch™ collects the important data such as vacancy rates; population statistics; demographics; supply/demand metrics; intrinsic growth drivers and return on investment; sales data and market values to name a few. Considering your personal needs for cash flow and growth, PropertyMatch ™ then utilises machine learning to forecast future growth potential and hunt down the most appropriate area, and property, for you!

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How it Works

Step 1

Book in for a free consultation, where we explain the system and determine your suitability. We will explain to you exactly how our unique system works, and why it is different.

Step 2

Once you elect to proceed, we collect your individualised investing criteria and information, to allow us to both match you with your next investment property, and assess you for borrowing.

Step 3

PropertyMatch™ tracks down the area and properties which best match your investing criteria, and presents this to you in an interactive, state-of-the-art format.

Step 4

We then guide and support you in the purchase of your chosen property. As we are also property investment finance specialists, we can guide you on which lenders to use and take care of all of the arrangements for you.

Our results are unrivalled over the years

Destiny Financial Solutions is a pioneer in the property investment industry, and has been in business for more than 25 years. While building Destiny, Founders Margaret and Reuben Lomas, parents to five children, built a portfolio of more than 40 properties, so they know what’s involved, and what works. Now let us use all of our experience to match you with the property most suitable to your personal circumstances. Unlike many other property investment companies, we do not sell property or have links to developers, and we make no commissions on your purchase.

PropertyMatch™ is spearheaded by Margaret Lomas, arguably Australia’s most recognised and respected property expert, and the best-selling author of nine property investment books. For more than a decade, she was the host and producer of two property investment TV shows on Skynews, and now hosts the popular web TV show, Property Investing Matters on My Property TV. Margaret is a past Telstra Businesswoman of the Year, Westpac Business owner of the Year and one of the AFR’s 100 Women of Influence for 2015.

The results speak for themselves

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Just some of the noted brands Margaret has worked with

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How PropertyMatch™ works for me

Every investor is different. Destiny tailors your solution to your own needs.

Busy Family

You know you need to plan for your future, but you are so busy making a living and looking after the family that there is just no time to do so. Don't pay tens of thousands of dollars to other property investment companies just because you know you don't have the time. Destiny has been here longer than any other property investment company, and our value for money solutions are based on our 25 years of experience.

Dual-Income Couple, with No Kids

You might have more time, but you may lack the know-how. Buying an investment property isn't about finding something that looks good and thinking it will make a good buy. It takes years of experience and countless hours of research to identify an area that will perform well, and a property which is right for your circumstances.

A Mature Couple, or Empty-Nesters

You're a lot closer to retirement, and you may be realising that you may not be well enough provided for. Is it too late to get into a property investment? Maybe not. If you feel that property investing is approprate for you, we can take the hard work out of acquiring your first, or next investment property.

A Rent-Vester

Priced out of the property market in your area? Worried that you'll never get onto the property ladder? Rent where you want to live and build a substantial property portfolio all over Australia. PropertyMatch™ finds the areas with the best performance, wherever they exist, and Destiny helps you to invest in them.

A First-Time Investor

It's a big first step, and you need to be sure you do it the right way. With so much information to digest, it's easy to get it wrong, and doing so will impact you for years to come. PropertyMatch™ removes the guesswork and helps you to invest with safety into areas that fit your criteria.

Seasoned Investor

You already own a few properties, so you're likely more busy than ever. Let Destiny help you in the same way that we have already helped many other investors with large portfolios, by using PropertyMatch™ to add properties which fit into your portfolio, and address common issues that bigger portfolios can bring.

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What our clients say

Frequently Asked Questions

If we can’t find you a property, you will get a refund, based on the initial terms and conditions.

There is no fee for the initial web meeting and it is obligation free.

Destiny does not sell property, nor do we refer you to people who do. We have no links with developers or agents. Destiny Advisers are all Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIA). PropertyMatch™ is a system unique to Destiny which harnesses multiple data points and accesses property all over Australia to ensure you are choosing from the widest possible pool. Destiny is also a specialist in property investing finance, having written more than $3 billion worth of finance for thousands of clients over 25 years.

Long before Covid-19, Destiny pioneered the virtual property advisory model. This means that for many years now we have been assisting clients from all over Australia, and the world, to invest safely and securely in Australian property. Your time will not be wasted travelling to physical offices.